Profit Snapshot

This instant assessment is intended to give you a very quick view of where your company stands.

To best utilize the instant assessment please use financial statements for a specific period of time. It's best to use a 6 or 12-month period. If no financial statements are available, you can use your most recent year tax return. To see the full financial picture of your company, consider our full Profit Assessment:

Top Line Revenue (All incoming monies)

Materials and Subcontractor Costs (Expenses directly related to the production of income. NOTE: This should include Contract Labor, not Employees.)

Profit (Money currently in a bank account specific for profit)

Owners Compensation (This amount is your salary or how much in distributions or owners draw you have paid to yourself as the owner(s); may be a positive or negative number - if you contributed more than you received)

Tax (This is the amount that you have set aside to pay quarterly taxes - federal and state income taxes, NOT sales tax)

Operating Expenses (This is all other expenses not listed above in Materials & Sub Contractors)

Please note: all amounts entered MUST equal your Top Line Revenue

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This chart represents the Target Allocation Percentages that we have found in financially healthy businesses. Compare your results to this chart to see what improvements you need to make.

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