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Income Statement Spreadsheet

Sometimes owners just need a place to start. If this is you, here's a quick spreadsheet that will help you track your business expenses.

Profit First Core Chapters

Want to see what the book is all about? Here are the core chapters for free! As you go through it, if you have any questions please email or call me.

Profit First Friendly Banks

Curious if your bank is already familiar with the Profit First Methodology? Or are you looking for a new banking partner? Here's a quick list that provides a regional breakdown of Profit First Friendly Banks.

Business Tools We Use & Recommend

Start building credit in your business with Capital One's Spark business card. Doesn't hurt that they offer other benefits too - why not get cash back on expenses you're already spending. APPLY HERE

Plug & Play, Lawyer-Created Contract Templates for Online Business Owners: Coaches, Course Creators, & Service Providers. Without the typical fees of an attorney! LEARN MORE

Want a simple tool to manage your clients, systemize contracts and forms, and automate your workflow and schedule? Get 20% off your first paid month or year! SIGN UP

Gusto is a payroll system that makes it easy to onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team. Receive a $100 Visa gift card after your first payroll is paid! START YOUR FIRST PAYROLL

Looking to improve your credit? Only $1 to try the IdentityIQ Credit Preferred Plan - for 7 days - then $19.95/month. Includes reports and scores from all 3 agencies! GET YOURS NOW

Master Networks is my go-to networking group. If you’ve been looking for a national organization to join where referrals are a benefit to being a member, click the logo! SIGN UP TODAY

While we're always looking for ways to save on taxes, tracking your mileage can help! Plus it allows you to see how much you're spending in travel to make better decisions in the future. Why not have it automated through an app that's always running in the background without running down your battery? Get 40 drives per month free or only $59.99/year (totally worth it!). GET STARTED

The internet's cheapest domains! While domain's are inexpensive to begin with, why not save where you can? Use coupon code "PROFITFIRST" to save another $1 off your order. ORDER YOUR DOMAIN

OFFICIAL PROFIT FIRST BANK! Relay is banking designed for growing businesses and their advisors (us). It auto-syncs your banking data with QuickBooks Online or Xero, helps you manage cash flow, automate payables, and manage spending across categories or teams. This ensures we have the data we need to help you manage your business. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT

Your all-in-one tools for business with TAIOS - Total All-In-One Solutions! This includes email/sms marketing, sales funnels, website builder, call tracking, sales & forms, scheduler, CRM & pipeline management, tracking & analytics, courses/product, reputation management, and much more including support. GET STARTED

A cleaner inbox is just a click away! gives you the tools to manage a cluttered mailbox full of pesky subscription emails. This is a free service that helps you save time going through the emails that come through your inbox and we use for all of our emails. SIGN UP FOR FREE

Xero is our preferred accounting software. Not only is it more user-friendly for the non-accounting business owner, but as a Certified Advisor we have access to promo codes to help you save money. Let us know if you need help determining which plan is best for you. WHY XERO

Looking for a budgeting tool? Try YNAB (You Need A Budget) - you'll receive a 34-day free trial, AND by clicking below you'll receive an additional month FREE when you purchase a plan (monthly/annually). START YOUR FREE TRIAL

What Is a Profit Strategist? Who is Coaching For?

Most business owners don't know what they don't know - unless it's what you do. When you need help with marketing, you hire a marketing specialist, and for sales, a sales coach. So why not a profit strategist to help with maximizing profit in your business? In business you hire or outsource to those that are the experts so that you can focus on doing what you love in helping your clients. Well, we are the cash flow experts! Coaching is to help you understand your numbers, make sure you have a financial foundation in place to grow and scale your business, and ultimately utilize the profits to build wealth for you and your family. We work with you to put systems in place to help you reach your business (and personal) financial goals.

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