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We love working with small to medium sized groups to help create community and bring awareness to a subject that so many people feel alone one. Our workshops can be either in person or virtual, and can be custom tailored by topic and also time available. The majority of workshops are most effective when provided 60-90 minutes of time to allow for proper Q&A at the end. Workshops make an excellent addition for your small business benefits, employees, independent contractors, or general small groups looking to develop their financial health and learn how they can learn to view money simply as the tool that it is to help achieve dreams. Experts agree that positive financial habits have more impact on a household's financial well-being than an increase in income.

The following workshops are currently available and being taught:

Profit First for Your Business

Available as a 45 minute introduction to Profit First, as a half day workshop or a full 2 day training for your team or organization. Give your team/organization a gift that they won’t receive anywhere else. Give them the hands on training to implementing Profit First within their business so that they learn how to pay themselves regularly even on variable income, learn to minimize their expenses and reduce their overall stress around finances. Be your team’s hero for providing them the training that will eliminate their financial chaos, maximize their wealth building abilities and help them build a business they love.

Income Targeting

If you want to build a business that serves you AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND you need Income Targeting. Income Targeting is the process of reverse engineering your total business revenue. Creating an intentional plan from the very beginning the take home pay you deserve. It’s not about how much money you make—it’s about how much you keep. As a certified Profit First Professional firm, we offer a unique accounting service that can help you smooth your cash flow, control expenses, reduce debt and grow profits!

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